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about sitesee

SiteSee is a clothing brand dedicated to creating beautiful, sustainable, and functional pieces for digital nomads and female travelers. Designed to look polished and professional for daytime client meetings, then transition effortlessly to after-hours exploration and recreation.

Brand Pillars


SiteSee is all about being as authentic, real and transparent as possible. Born out of the founder Kelsey’s real-life need and desire for a clothing brand that would better fit her lifestyle, SiteSee is in a unique position to really understand and connect with our customers.


It’s important to SiteSee that all materials used in our products and packaging are high quality, eco-friendly and as sustainable as possible.

We value environmental sustainability, respectful cultural exploration, and supporting small businesses and artisans. We care about our planet and are invested in contributing to the preservation of Earth, not the destruction.


At the heart of SiteSee’s brand is the urge for adventure, exploration and seeking out new experiences. SiteSee employees and customers alike are digital nomads, traveling the world to expand their horizons as much as possible.

Bravery, adventure and curiosity is in everything we do, from the colors and imagery we use to the products we make and everything in between.


Impact Partner

SiteSee partners with the TakeFlyte organization. TakeFlyte, or the Foundation for Learning and Youth Travel Education, is a nonprofit organization that empowers students living in underserved communities through transformative travel experiences. $5 from every item purchased on SiteSee is donated directly to TakeFlyte. At SiteSee, we believe travel can heal the world, and we have a duty to support organizations who are working every day to make this a reality. 

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Meet the Founder

Kelsey Reaves

SiteSee was born after founder Kelsey started living the digital nomad lifestyle herself. She found that she was in need of functional and versatile clothing, and after doing some research, couldn’t find what she was looking for. So, she decided to create her own!