Why I Started SiteSee

Why I Started SiteSee

I was in my last year of college when I read the book “Vagabonding: An Uncommon Guide to the Art of Long-Term World Travel” by Rolff Potts that quite literally changed the trajectory of my life.

Since I was 7, I’ve always been fascinated by travel. When I was a kid, my favorite movie was 101 Dalmatians, and not because of the sheer puppy cuteness that filled up each frame of the movie, but for that final scene where the camera pans out and you see the sprawling London cityscape. There was something about that scene that filled me up. I wanted to fly to London and see it for myself. I wanted to feel what it was like to have the energy of that city pulsating through my body.

The rest of my life seemed to follow in this same suit. When it was my hour to watch TV on weekends, I always chose the Travel Channel and House Hunters International. My Dad’s National Geographic magazines were tagged with Lisa Frank sticky notes denoting the different cities and countries I would one day explore. The airport itself was a sacred space that represented so much more than just transportation. It was my escape to the next adventure.

The realization 

Reading Rolff Potts’ book made me realize that you could have a career -- your whole life -- centered around travel. And you didn’t have to be a stingy backpacker in gaucho pants jumping from couch to couch. You could create a sustainable lifestyle, have a successful career, make good money and see the world all at the same time.

It’s when I finished reading that book that I realized I had to have this lifestyle.

Since graduating from college in 2014, I’ve been carefully seeking this lifestyle out for myself. I worked at different startups, tried launching my own ecommerce store, even picked up freelance work, all with the same end goal: to create a life curated around travel and not a 9-5 office job. 

And in November of 2018, this vision manifested in the most beautiful way: a full-time remote job with a marketing agency.

Transitioning into Nomad Life

With location-independence an actual reality of mine, I started traveling. A lot. 

I went to Mexico and worked from different Selena in hostels. I traveled to Europe and then eventually traveled with Remote Year until my trip was cut short because of the pandemic. 

During that time, I realized something: there weren't a lot of clothing options that fit this lifestyle.

I was taking Zoom calls during the day, and then at night, I was scrambling to pack up my backpack and take off on an evening of exploration around a new city. 

The only outfit that I consistently went back to was a black romper with a cowl neckline that looked professional for my video calls, but was also so comfortable to wear all day long.

I wore that thing to shreds...and then went on the hunt. 

I researched for hours looking for clothing lines that specifically cater to this lifestyle. Most of the “female traveler clothing” I found when searching on Google consisted of hiking gear and zip off khaki pants that I wouldn’t be caught dead in.

So, at that moment -- I decided to create my own line. 

Our first look, the Everywhere Jumpsuit, was inspired by that black romper I wore almost every day. We added zipper pockets to the jumpsuit (I’m notorious for losing things - figured most people are, too) and wanted to ensure it was super comfortable. Like super, comfortable. Basically something I could wear during the day that transitioned effortlessly to nighttime wear, saving me a trip back to my airbnb to change.

SiteSee pillars

When I created SiteSee, I knew I wanted this brand to represent more than just clothing. I wanted it to accomplish three things:

  • To be authentic
  • To be as sustainable as possible
  • To support adventure

1. To be authentic

SiteSee is all about being as authentic, real and transparent as possible. We strive to communicate how our clothes are made and by whom. We’ve all experienced brands that say one thing but do another, and quite honestly, we're tired of it and just don’t stand for that.

2. To be as sustainable as possible

It’s important to us that all materials used in our products and packaging are high quality, eco-friendly and as sustainable as possible.

We value environmental sustainability, respectful cultural exploration, and supporting small business and artisans. We care about our planet and are invested in contributing to the preservation of Earth, not the destruction.

3. To support adventure 

At the heart of SiteSee’s brand is the urge for adventure, exploration and seeking out new experiences. SiteSee employees and customers alike are digital nomads, traveling the world to expand their horizons as much as possible.

Bravery, adventure and curiosity is in everything we do, from the colors and imagery we use to the products we make and everything in between.

Looking ahead

We know this is just the beginning and we’re so excited to learn from you -- what clothes you like and the fabrics you feel most comfortable in. We want to create clothes that are timeless, staple pieces you absolutely love and will wear again and again.

If you have ideas of pieces you want in your closet, please drop us a line. We'd love to know. You can email me directly at kelsey@shopsitesee.com.



P.S. Here’s a closer look at our first photoshoot in LA. 


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    Love this so much Kelsey, can’t wait for the launch!!

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