8 Best Secure & Anti-Theft Travel Purses for Women

8 Best Secure & Anti-Theft Travel Purses for Women

Safety is a top concern for many women while they’re traveling, especially if they’re embarking on a solo adventure. That’s why it’s so important to invest in a secure, anti-theft travel purse as you’re preparing for your trip, since these bags are safe to take anywhere you want to go. 

8 Best Secure and Anti-Theft Travel Purses

Anti-theft bags are those with built-in safety features to help you avoid becoming a victim of theft while you’re traveling the world. Fortunately, we’ve already done some research and rounded up eight of the best anti-theft purses available, so you can quickly find the one that’ll work for you!

1. Pacsafe Citysafe Satchel Handbag

This lightweight satchel from Pacsafe is equal parts innovative and elegant, with anti-theft features that’ll keep your valuables well-protected while you’re on the go. The Citysafe design offers smart zipper security and cut-resistant fabric to secure your belongings, plus RFID-blocking pockets to safeguard your credit cards and passport against unwanted scans.

And if you’re looking for versatility, this bag can be worn over the shoulder or across your body, *and* has a detachable strap that can be tucked away when you’d rather carry things by hand.

Price: $$$

2. MINICAT Small Travel Crossbody Purse

This small crossbody bag from MINICAT is one of our favorites for travel. It comes in over 10 colors and features a clear backing, allowing you to send texts and even scroll Instagram without having to take your phone out of your bag!

And not only can this statement-making bag hold all of your necessary travel documents, it comes with RFID-blocking material for added security and peace of mind. 

Price: $

3. Travelon Signature Slim Backpack

Backpacks can be an awesome alternative to traditional travel handbags, since this shape evenly distributes weight across your back. Travelon’s Signature Slim Backpack has tons of functional add-ons, all wrapped up in a sleek package that’ll look great with any outfit

But beneath this bag’s beautiful exterior, there’s an incredibly efficient security system. The anti-theft components include a slash-resistant mesh barrier (in all four sides and bottom panels), a slash-resistant strap, and RFID-blocking credit card and passport slots, too.

Price: $$

4. baggallini Free Time Crossbody Bag

Baggallini has a whole collection of amazing anti-theft purses, but this crossbody has to be one of our favorites. The Free Time style incorporates slash-resistant panels, a cut-resistant strap, locking zippers, and an RFID-protected interior with four card slots and a passport pocket.

This spacious nylon bag is made from a lightweight, water-resistant material that’s easy to care for, has an adjustable shoulder strap that can be attached to a chair, and includes a grommeted opening for easy access to charging or storing your headphone cables.

Price: $$

5. XD Design Urban Cut Proof Bumbag

A bumbag — or waist bag, fanny pack, belt bag, etc — is a super practical option when you’re traveling. This bag from XD Design has a whole slew of helpful features, from its anti-cut material and lockable zipper, to a 3-points buckle opening that will safely store all your items. 

What’s more, this purse is made out of a water-repellent and cut-proof material, and has an RFID-protected internal pocket to make sure your credit cards aren’t compromised while you’re out exploring the sights and enjoying your time away.

Price: $

6. Athleta Travel Crossbody

Athleta’s crossbody is just about the perfect travel purse, thanks to its thoughtful details for easy storage. It offers built-in threat protection with a locking main zipper and anti-RFID slots, as well as secure internal organization and a dedicated cell phone pocket for quick access.

In addition, this bag’s shoulder strap is also detachable, meaning you can remove it and then carry this as a clutch with a back loop handle. And since it’s made from recycled materials — with a water-resistant shell and antimicrobial lining — you can wipe everything clean in a snap.

Price: $$

7. Travelon Classic Mini Shoulder Bag

They say good things come in small packages, which is *very* true of this mini style from Travelon. This shoulder bag has all the best elements of a larger purse (but without the extra weight): versatile design, quality craftsmanship, and a number of solid security features.

The Classic Mini is durable, water and dirt-resistant, and lets you take advantage of Travelon’s patented anti-theft security. With this trusted five-point system, you can stop worrying about the possibility of being pickpocketed, and instead look up to embrace everything around you.

Price: $

8. Vera Bradley Triple Compartment Crossbody

If you need to travel light and stay organized at the same time, this purse from Vera Bradley is sure to help you out. This bag’s streamlined design will stay close to your body, and is equipped with RFID protection and custom compartments to stash all of your essentials.

Made from quilted, water-repellent polyester, this crossbody is ready for any and all kinds of weather. Plus, its interior has multiple card slip pockets, a bill slip, and an ID window, in addition to hidden magnet and zip closures for the ultimate in privacy and security.

Price: $$

What features should I look for in a travel purse?

The most reliable purses for international travel have a series of anti-theft features to enhance your comfort level and provide optimal safety. As you’re comparing bags on our list or doing some browsing of your own, keep these four features in mind to help make your final decision.


Versatility is important in any type of travel clothing, and purses are certainly no exception. Many of the bags on our list have versatility in how they can be worn or carried, as well as with which outfits you can pair them with. The ideal travel purse is also compact enough to be worn under a jacket or cardigan, making it harder to spot and preventing it from being stolen.

Secure zippers

The idea behind secure zippers is to make it more challenging for pickpockets to open your bag. While this feature is easy to overlook, it’s wise to consider as you’re shopping around. The best theft-proof purses have solid closures, like zipper ‘locks’ tethered to another tab or loop; this type of design prevents a potential thief from sliding open a zipper with one hand. 

Strong fabric

In addition to strong zippers, strong fabric is vital to any quality travel purse. Look for slash-proof materials or meshed wire that’s been built into the straps so they can’t be cut while you’re out and about. Additionally, you’re smart to opt for neutral designs and colors (that blend in, rather than attract attention), and fabrics like canvas or nylon that are a breeze to clean.

RFID protection

In theory, someone can steal your information through your purse via RFID, which stands for ‘radio frequency identification.’ While RFID-blocking features give you extra protection, they may not be necessary for your upcoming trip. Still, for anyone who wants to be totally covered, RFID lining guarantees you won’t have your information electronically stolen.

Wrapping Up

At the end of the day, whether you purchase an anti-theft bag is really up to you — but we think they're a valuable addition to any trip. Carrying a secure travel purse helps you feel more confident as you’re roaming around, and is the surest way to protect all of your documents and belongings that can’t easily be replaced.

Travel Purse Common FAQs

What is the safest purse to carry?

The safest purse to carry while traveling is one that stays closely strapped to your body, such as a fanny pack or a crossbody bag. Additional features such as secure zippers, slash-resistant straps and strong fabric help ensure safety when you're roaming around a new city.

Are anti-theft purses worth it?

Anti-theft bags can be incredibly worthwhile, especially when you're visiting somewhere for the first time or you're in a country known for its pickpocketing. Going the extra mile to safeguard your things will provide you with peace of mind, so you can enjoy your travels and be in the present moment. And P.S. - anti-theft purses also make great travel gifts for the digital nomad in your life!

How do I keep my purse from being stolen?

Being aware of your surroundings and investing in a quality anti-theft bag or purse are the biggest things you can do to ensure your things are not stolen. Also, be mindful about where you leave your bag. Hanging it on a chair while at dinner may be safe in your home country. But while traveling, this easily opens you up to theft. 


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