Nomad Spotlight: Rachel Fritz

Nomad Spotlight: Rachel Fritz

This week, we sat down with video editor and photographer, Rachel Fritz.

In our interview, we talked about her masters in Sustainability Science, her recent project with Selina hotels and what advice she has for other nomads.

Let's jump in!

1. Tell us a little bit about yourself and what you do.

My name is Rachel Fritz and I travel the world as a Video Editor and Photographer. I recently released a blog on my website where I share travel tips and guides, unique local experiences, sustainability, and tell my own personal travel stories. 

2. You have a Masters in Sustainability Science (so cool!). What inspired you to study this subject?

Sustainability Science is so imperative to the future of our planet. I grew up on the water of the New Jersey Shore and was immersed in nature. However, my inspiration comes from tragedy. In 2012, my childhood home flooded from Superstorm Sandy and today my family is still not back home. 

It shocked me to know that dangerous hurricanes are becoming more common because carbon emissions lead to the changing climate causing warmer waters and sea level rise. This event led me to pursue my academics in Sustainability Science and through my passion and perseverance, complete my Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in only 4 years.

3. You recently worked on a project with Selina. Tell us more about it!

Yes! The two most recent productions were in different Selina locations in Costa Rica and Guatemala. I am a Photographer for their online and in-person marketing and they host us at their different locations in each country. I work alongside my boyfriend Dave who is a Film Producer for Selina and I assist him with that as well. Check out one of our videos here

Selina is a hotel/hostel for digital nomads and the community they have grown is absolutely beautiful. I travel and meet up with my closest friends who are also digital nomads and we share memories together around the world. 

4. What steps can someone take to become a more sustainable traveler?

Traveling can lead to a larger carbon footprint and taking initiative to travel sustainably is important. 

  • Limit the number of flights you take by staying in one country for longer.  
  • Volunteer at local organizations and learn the local language (or at least try!) 
  • Dine at restaurants owned by locals that are typically not found online
  • Pick up trash in nature when you see it. Leave no trace!

5. What are your travel plans post-COVID?

I hope to go back to Asia! My love for that part of the world gives me creative inspiration. I solo traveled there twice before, each time for one month.  

6. We’re fans of “travel uniforms” here -- the clothes you love to wear day in and day out when you travel. What’s your go-to “uniform”?

I am currently traveling full-time and having clothing you feel comfortable in everyday is so important because our carry-ons are so small!

My go-to is a sweat-wicking tank top of a neutral color and cotton stretch shorts for around the Selina location. When going out to explore the city, I cover up with long floral skirts or baggy silk pants to respect the local culture.

7. Finally, what’s some advice you have for other nomads?

Meet other people and open your heart to the love that surrounds you! Digital nomads are the kindest and most open to conversation. I’m a naturally shy and introverted person but in my experience, travel made me become so much more confident in myself and what I do in the world. 

8. How can the SiteSee community get in touch with you?




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