Nomad Spotlight: Chelsea Lynn

Nomad Spotlight: Chelsea Lynn

This week, we had the pleasure of sitting down with digital nomad, Chelsea Lynn.

We caught Chelsea during a last minute trip to the other side of Australia when her travel permit was approved. As a business professional who specializes in helping location independent businesses grow their online presence, we were excited to learn more about her brand and the advice she has for other travelers.

Career + Clients

Tell us about yourself and what you do for work

I’m Chelsea AKA Traveller By Trade and I own a website design and digital strategy business. I help businesses create a high converting and cohesive online presence so they can bring their business round the world with them, wherever they may go.

What kind of individuals/businesses do you work with?

My clients are generally all women (although I have worked with a few males in the past) that are 1. Looking to get serious about their online business and need a website to match and/or a kick ass online strategy to share their services or 2. Have been in the online space for a while and need help with re-branding the website/get clear on a new direction to best utilize their online communities. I am a website designer and developer, offer 1-off strategy packages for help with email marketing and social media accounts and I also co-host a monthly mastermind for business owners seeking more ongoing and long term support.

Give us a snap shot of your day-to-day life

This can change sooooo much for me. If I’m at ‘home’ my routine generally means waking up around 530/6 am, quick cleanup of the house/office, make some tea, I always check in with my social media clients in the morning and browse incoming emails, head to the gym, home for a shower and massive brekky and then based on the emails that had come in/launches I have/current projects I then structure the day and how many hours I’ll be working from there. I like to keep my mornings the same but after 10 am I can be roaming town, at a beach, or working all day.. just depends where I am.

Where have you traveled over the last year?

This is painful to answer … the year of COVID-19! Uhhh, not much of anywhere to be honest. I was living in Byron Bay when it hit and had plans to go to Tbilisi Georgia, Sri Lanka, hopefully the Maldives and back to Canada (where I was born) and that all went out the window. I did  move from the Northern Rivers into the Brisbane area and just before Christmas was granted a travel permit to fly to Western Australia...Which was 1 week before the end of 2020 and my first plane of the year. 

Now, onto the nomad stuff

What did you do before you started living this lifestyle?

I started super young and after traveling to the other side of Canada during the summers of Uni to work I finally dropped out, bought a backpack and started traveling for most of the year. I would work in the Canadian rockies as a server during the summer months and then travel during the winters. I eventually made it over to Australia and have been calling the country home for just over 4 years, 2 of which I’ve been full-time in my business and traveling/working.

Where are you currently located?

As I’m writing this I am in Fremantle, Western Australia. I technically live in Brisbane, Australia (my apartment and car are there) but I bought a 1-way ticket to WA and honestly don’t know when I’ll go back ‘home’ just yet.

What are the software programs or tools you use as a nomad?

Google Drive would definitely be first on the list! I’m primarily a ShowIt designer, so of course that platform or any others that I’m using for client website designs are high up there as well. I also co-host a monthly mastermind on Discord, edit all of my photos on Adobe, use Later to design out my Instagram feed, and of course Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest (do those count as well) because that’s where I do all of my organic marketing/where my clients find me!

How do you meet other people while on the road?

I meet sooooooo many people from Instagram! I have a ton of ‘online biz besties’ (as I’m sure a ton of other digital nomads do) that I’ve met up with along my travels. Co-working spaces are also an epic place, and pre-covid I got linked up with Work Wanderers and went on a digital nomad retreat. It’s basically a way to live with other digital nomads, explore a new city, and learn some work hacks from each other along the way. HIGHLY recommend to anyone that want to be independent but also have the option to mingle with some like-minded humans. 

What are your favorite resources for finding gigs?

My favorites are always referrals, because it’s like getting the biggest compliment from a mate or past client. Aside from that work comes solely from my online presence (website, Instagram account, Facebook group(s) or Pinterest.) I personally don’t do any paid marketing at all. 

How long do you plan to travel for?

I get this a lot, and always answer with “I’m Traveller By Trade.. This isn't just another ‘vacation’ this is a lifestyle.” I do take shorter trips in between (not right now all thanks to covid) but I have called many places ‘home’ along the way which I’ll continue to do even into the years when I’m creating a family. 

What is your go-to travel gear?

For years it was a 60L really ugly purple Osprey backpack. Now It’s generally a carry on sized bag if I’m flying anywhere or packing my life up into a van/SUV and driving/moving up and down the coast of Australia.

What spaces do you like to work in?

Depends on my mood that day and where I am. Coffeeshop if I don't have to zone in too much and have some basic admin work but coworking space if I need privacy or really need to smash a project out.

What do you love about being a nomad?

Being location independent is the best part about being location independent! I booked a one-way flight over to Western Australia (where I am right now) on Christmas Eve to surprise a few of my mates - Brought my laptop and have been stealing their wifi and enjoying the beaches while they're working and then spending the evenings doing whatever. I get to choose my schedule, I get to work from anywhere, and all I need is my laptop and wifi.

Finally onto some advice

What advice do you have for other nomads?

Ooooft, this is always the hardest one. If you know you want to work online & create a successful business get ready to hunker down and work your a** off for a few months. You need to learn the skills, get the clarity, and build the structure of whatever niche/revenue pathway you choose and put in the work. If it was easy, everyone would do it, but if you have the passion you’ll love every step of the ride. 

How to get in touch with Chelsea


IG: @travellerbytrade

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