Founder's Journal 02: market learnings, new manifestation techniques, and bio-hacking with bees

Founder's Journal 02: market learnings, new manifestation techniques, and bio-hacking with bees

I feel like I've finally gotten into a flow with work.

For ~7 years prior to going full-time with SiteSee, I was either hustling at a startup or hustling within a marketing agency. If I wasn't putting in full-days and then some on the weekend, I felt incredibly guilty.

Which was wrong.

In hindsight, I wish I would've prioritized my health and learned to say “no” to reduce the amount of stress I was experiencing.

So when I started to work on SiteSee full-time, I really wanted to be intentional about setting those boundaries and not hustle myself to death. I decided I was going to do my normal 4-5 hours of uninterrupted work daily, then call it a day and spend time with my friends or head to the beach.

What's funny is that since I enforced this rule upon myself, opportunities have been appearing out of nowhere for both SiteSee and my SEO consulting business.

I think there's something to be said about getting into alignment, placing yourself first, and then putting massive faith into the universe that everything will work out just as it's supposed to.

It's either that, or living in Southern California that has turned me into a chilled out, burrito eating hippie. Both could be true, too.

As a reminder, I send out a founder's journal once a month and follow a similar format each time. Here's how this email is structured:

  • SiteSee Spotlight: A brain dump with what I'm working on at SiteSee and big picture ideas I have for the future
  • Personal Development: A section on ideas I'm stewing over and self-growth concepts I'm testing out
  • Current Obsessions: Products, podcasts, movies, music and anything else I'd recommend

SiteSee Spotlight

(or, what's going on with SiteSee & other biz updates)

This month was all about getting in front of customers to grow the brand. 

I had my second in-person market in Los Angeles and holy shit was it a learning experience. Everything from practicing how I talk about the brand, to how I should pack my car to fit all the inventory and booth materials. It felt like a small-business bootcamp. 

One of the biggest things I learned while at the market is that having some sort of sale is imperative. Even though it's LA, people like to attend markets and hunt for deals. 

Also, people love (like, love) sage green. 

I also finished onboarding SiteSee to MadeTrade. MadeTrade curates sustainably and ethically made goods, including home decor, accessories, and clothing. Expect to see SiteSee products on MadeTrade within the next few weeks :)  

Finally, I found some time to sit down and put on my product development hat. I designed a long-sleeve made out of ribbed bamboo/cotton fabric, and started putting together inspiration boards for travel pants and a new travel jacket. I also worked on optimizing our blog content that was published about a year ago. Check out this bad boy that happened as a result:

Personal Development

(or, how I'm improving myself & other “woo woo” things)

I splurged and spent $275 on a manifestation course created by Lacy Phillips. I'm a big believer in the Law of Attraction, but have always had a hard time putting it into practice. Lacy's course has been pretty legit so far. Her method is less about “think happy!” and more about removing subconscious beliefs that are limiting and blocking you from your manifestation.

Her process works like this: 1. Step into power by working on removing limiting beliefs, 2. Expand to know the things you want exist, and 3. Pass the tests the universe will send your way. This overview of her process on the Almost 30 Podcast is a great introduction into her work. 

The three big things I'm manifesting at the moment: a well-tempered dog I'm planning on naming Toulouse, an interview on the Conscious Chatter podcast and my life partner (...casual).

Other things I'm stewing over:

  • I'm an email-junkie and am learning how to cut down on my overconsumption. These 40 one-sentence email tips help optimize your inbox and make answering emails more manageable. My favorite: “If you reply to emails immediately, you train people to expect you to reply immediately.”
  • Continuing to set good boundaries in work and in my personal life. I constantly reference this book when I feel the need to set a boundary. Because after all, “good fences make good neighbors.”

Current Obsessions

(or, products, books, podcasts, etc. that I'm immersed in at the moment)

  • I started bio hacking with bees after listening to this podcast episode. The TL;DR - bees produce some of the world's most powerful healing remedies. I took this plant-based adaptogen a few hours before writing this journal entry and let me say, I am cruuuuisn' through this.
  • The Entrepreneurial Thought Leaders Podcast. It's kinda like How I Built This, but more tactical. This 4-min episode was one of my favorites. It's a good reminder that being an entrepreneur isn't about having one “aha” moment, but about connecting the dots throughout your life.
  • I meditate almost daily and decided to treat myself to this handmade eye mask. It's so cute, well-made and now I can scare the shit out of my roommates if they walk in on me while I'm meditating.
  • This binaural beats playlist. It's my favorite to listen to while I write.

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Otherwise, thanks for reading and feel free to reply here or leave a comment below. I open and respond to everything. 

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