Founder's Journal 01: biz updates, personal growth, and my current obsessions

Founder's Journal 01: biz updates, personal growth, and my current obsessions

So I took the plunge. I left my 9-5 about a month ago to pursue SiteSee full-time and needless to say, a lot has happened. 

I keep a note on my phone with ideas and links to things I’m mulling over and thought it could be cool to share it with you all, since if you’re reading this, you’ve been on this entrepreneurial journey with me. 

I’ll send an email like this once per month and seek to follow a similar format each time. Here are the different topics you can expect from this email:

  • SiteSee Spotlight: A brain dump with what I’m working on at SiteSee and big picture ideas I have for the future
  • Personal Development: A section on ideas I’m stewing over and self-growth concepts I’m testing out
  • Current Obsessions: Products, podcasts, movies, music and anything else I’d recommend

SiteSee Spotlight

(or, what’s going on with SiteSee & other biz updates) 

So long story short, my life has changed pretty drastically within the last 4 weeks. I left my 9-5 agency job to pursue SiteSee full-time, but full-transparency: SiteSee isn’t how I’m making money. 

In fact, I don’t expect to make a profit for quite a long time.

I have a freelance business on the side that helps my clients with all things SEO and this is how I pay the bills. So when I decided to go full-time with SiteSee and leverage my freelance work to support myself and the business, I had to get really lean. Like really lean. I cut out everything that wasn’t directly tied to revenue and got my total monthly operating expenses down to about $58/month.

Outside of getting a handle on SiteSee’s finances, I focused this first month on upgrading the website, taking photos of new inventory, learning how to edit photos and then upload to the site, optimizing existing content (still an SEO-nerd at heart) and applying to a sh*t load of in-person markets.

I’m also switching to a new on-demand manufacturing model which will help speed up production and reduce overall waste. On Friday of last week, I visited our new manufacturer in Tempe and was amazed at the facility. The Co-founders were absolute gems and share my passion for sustainability & ethical working conditions. All of their employees start at $16/hour, have full benefits and 401Ks.

Other cool projects they’re working on: creating the most ‘sustainable shirt in the world’ with ASU, onboarding 3 other sustainable clothing brands and continuing their work creating reusable hospital gowns and other PPE. In fact, President Biden and Vice President Harris came and visited the facility while they were campaigning (pic below) to show their gratitude since they were one of the first manufacturing plants to help at the start of covid. 

For the rest of August, I’m prepping for the Renegade Fair in LA on August 21st and 22nd and creating an ambassador & affiliate program. (Know of any micro influencers? Lemme know!).

Personal Development

(or, how I’m improving myself & other “woo woo” things)

The three or four hour rule has been game changer. 

It fights the notion that to make progress on your most important goals, you need to work longer. The rule states that you can only realistically do about 3-4 hours of high-quality work per day, which basically boils down to 2 hours in the morning and 2 in the afternoon. 

For me personally, this has meant blocking out the hours from 9-11 am and 1-3 pm for undisturbed focus on my most important tasks. These tasks don't include admin tasks that take little brain power, like answering emails. It’s dedicated only to creative projects that require the most energy. Give it a try and let me know if you’re able to dial up productivity without increasing your hours worked.

Other things I’m stewing over:

  • Getting into the flow state to receive what I call “downloads.” You know, those ideas that seem to come from out of nowhere and something you would have not thought of yourself. I get mine while running. Have you noticed where you tend to get yours?
  • Cycle synching. I first learned about this while listening to this podcast and this follow up episode. It was mind blowing to learn how synthetic birth control essentially takes the communication between your reproductive organs and your brain offline, making you feel less connected to your body. I’ve since removed my birth control and tapered off medications that addressed side effects from it and I’ve never felt better and in the flow. (Pun intended). 

Current Obsessions

(or, products, movies, podcasts, etc. that I’m immersed in at the moment)

  • This face lotion from Weleda. My skin feels so healthy & vibrant. 
  • Learning about financial freedom. My “lil bro” Nate (who is also my financial coach) recommended this book on real estate investing as an intro to financial freedom. It’s well worth the read.
  • I watched The Social Dilemma and it made me want to throw my phone against a wall and time travel back to the 90’s. Very eye opening and a must-watch if you feel addicted to your phone (which we pretty much all are).
  • This Leon Bridges album. It’s a vibe.
  • A very real look at what happens to textile waste.  

If you found something useful or interesting in this email, mind forwarding this newsletter to a friend (or having them subscribe here)?

Otherwise, thanks for reading and feel free to reply here or comment below. I open and reply to everything. 

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