10 Best Digital Nomad Podcasts for 2021

10 Best Digital Nomad Podcasts for 2021

Podcasts are an increasingly popular platform for news and entertainment, since they’re the perfect place to engage with interesting and innovative ideas. And travel-related podcasts have a big hold on this market, with heaps of new series and episodes popping up all the time. 

If you’re looking for suggestions on which foreign city to visit next, or you’re curious how to turn your office job into a remote adventure, we’ve rounded up the best digital nomad podcasts you’ll want to listen to on repeat!

10 best digital nomad podcasts for 2021

1. The Tim Ferriss Show

Tim Ferriss authored one of the most popular books for entrepreneurs and digital nomads to date: The 4-Hour Workweek: Escape 9–5, Live Anywhere, and Join the New Rich. At his core, Tim is a pioneer in helping people design their ideal lifestyle (which often looks like traveling more and working less). In each episode of The Tim Ferriss Show, he chats with world-class performers from eclectic areas — investing, sports, business, art — to uncover the tactics, tools, and routines they use that you can apply in your own life, as well.

Topics: Morning routines, favorite books, exercise habits, time-management tricks... 

2. Extra Pack of Peanuts

The tagline for the Extra Pack of Peanuts podcast is ‘creating insatiable wanderlust since 2013,’ and from what we can tell, that description seems pretty fitting. Host Travis Sherry is a serial entrepreneur and experienced world traveler, who’s collected countless travel tips over the years — what it’s really like to visit India, where to find the best seafood in Croatia, and so on. Every Tuesday Travis and his co-host, Heather, release their latest episode, filled with a range of eye-opening interviews, amazing travel tales, and useful top ten lists.

Topics: Surviving long-haul flights, top breweries in the world, where to eat pizza in Rome…

3. Become Nomad

The goal of Become Nomad is to ‘provide insights and resources for nomads who are already on the road, while also offering inspiration to those who are considering a long-term nomadic lifestyle.’ This podcast’s founder, Eli, hopes his platform will offer a practical glimpse into the realities of living and working as a digital nomad. If you’re interested in learning how to focus on the present, how to be a more balanced traveler, and how to find your true passion or purpose, Become Nomad might have just the perspective you need.

Topics: Long-term travel, changing your current lifestyle, choosing the best accommodations…

4. Nomadtopia Radio

Amy Scott is a veteran traveler, expat, digital nomad, and seasoned host of Nomadtopia Radio. On her podcast, Amy interviews people who’ve created their dream lifestyle through location independence, long-term travel, and living abroad for extended periods. Nomadtopia Radio is her space to share the ins and outs of life on the road, the not-so-pretty details of living and working around the world, and everything else that comes with being a remote professional. This podcast is as upbeat as it is informative, and we think you’ll be hooked in no time!

Topics: Daily life as a nomad, how to work without borders, achieving the lifestyle you want...

5. Entrepreneur on Fire

Entrepreneur on Fire is an award-winning podcast centered on how to have financial, location, and lifestyle freedom. Host John Lee Dumas interviews notable entrepreneurs and influential individuals — Seth Godin, Gary Vaynerchuk, Barbara Corcoran — who offer personal insights, stories, and lessons learned on their journey toward success. With well over 2,000 episodes recorded (and counting), this podcast offers unlimited motivation and moral support as you continue to pursue the life you’ve always dreamt about.

Topics: Igniting your entrepreneurial spirit, discovering your niche, finding your big idea…

6. World Nomads

Not only is World Nomads a popular nomad insurance company, they’re also a team of global citizens and creative storytellers. The World Nomads podcast is co-hosted by Kim Napier and Phil Sylvester, who take their audience on an incredible journey with each episode. Listen in to hear the latest travel news, get answers to your burning travel questions, and possibly even discover your next great adventure. With the help of this podcast, you’re sure to gain an even deeper appreciation and understanding of our wild, wonderful world!

Topics: Saying goodbye to the office, sustainable travel brands, road tripping post-pandemic...

7. Zero to Travel

The Zero to Travel podcast has been in operation since 2013, and it’s amassed quite a following among the digital nomad community since then. While a lot of other podcasts on our list focus on remote work and entrepreneurship, host Jason Moore prefers talking about travel itself. Jason’s mission is to help listeners travel the world on their terms, regardless of their current situation or previous experience. Zero to Travel covers all kinds of travel topics, from learning a new language, to finding cheap flight deals, and tons of practical tips in between.

Topics: Immersion travel, top challenges of living abroad, getting off the beaten path...

8. Chris the Freelancer

Chris the Freelancer is a self-taught web developer who started learning how to code back in 2015, after he discovered the digital nomad movement. Today, Chris runs a successful blog and YouTube channel, and also has a backlog of podcasts by the same name. Although Chris hasn’t produced a new podcast in the last few years, the episodes he previously recorded are definitely worth digging into. Tune in to hear his personal insights and experiences from living as a nomad, and find out how to transform your own job into a remote enterprise. 

Topics: Best ways to become location independent, cultural differences across continents...

9. Location Indie

Jason and Trav, the hosts of Location Indie, provide a candid and honest perspective on remote work, lifestyle design, online business, and traveling the globe. Each of their episodes comes in at thirty minutes or less, but they’re packed full of authentic experiences and applicable travel advice. Location Indie offers a fascinating, unfiltered look at what it really means to work remotely and adopt a digital nomad lifestyle for yourself. With more than 150 recordings in their catalog, this podcast has plenty of content to get lost in!

Topics: Making money from anywhere, gaining financial freedom, creating audacious goals...

10. Nomad Tactics

Nomad Tactics is a weekly podcast co-hosted by two veteran nomads. The episodes focus on providing a complete how-to guide for digital nomads. On top of that, the hosts try to combine all the topics into systems that aim to optimize your nomadic life in every possible way. On an occasional basis, there are interviews with a variety of top-notch digital nomads, perpetual travelers, expats, location independent workers, remote workers and travel hackers.

Topics: Preparing for nomadic lifestyle, travel hacks and nomad optimization tips

Wrapping Up

Digital nomad podcasts are a never ending source of inspiration and encouragement. As a listener, you’ll hear firsthand accounts from fellow travelers who’ve overcome numerous obstacles to truly live out their dreams. Hopefully a few of the podcasts on our list piqued your interest, and have you scheming up a big lifestyle change (or maybe even a quick getaway)!



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