21 Best Digital Nomad Blogs for 2021

21 Best Digital Nomad Blogs for 2021

With the digital nomad lifestyle continually gaining in popularity, more and more people are now enjoying the benefits of being location independent. And many of these nomads are also recording their wins, losses, and life lessons on their personal blogs, in an effort to help others achieve the dream of working remotely, as well. 

We’ve compiled a list of the 20 best digital nomad blogs for you to follow, so you can gather plenty of travel insight and inspiration as we head into the new year!

20 Best Digital Nomad Blogs for 2021

1. Nomadic Matt

In the summer of 2006, Matt Kepnes quit his office job and set out on an adventure around the world that has continued to this day. His blog, Nomadic Matt, documents his travels in and around more than 100 countries (and counting). Matt’s mission is to help others travel better for less, and over the last decade, he’s helped millions of people save money, visit more places, and have a more authentic experience everywhere they go.

Matt is also the founder of TakeFlyte - SiteSee's impact partner! $5 from every purchase on SiteSee goes to this organization who is working to empower youth living in underserved communities through transformative travel experiences.

Topics: how to save and plan for a trip, finding cheap airfare and accommodation, solo travel

2. The Blonde Abroad

Six years ago, Kiki left her career in corporate wealth management to ‘embark on a summer of soul searching,’ which ended up changing the course of her life forever. The Blonde Abroad is a space for Kiki to share her personal journey and travel tips with other women from around the world. To date, she’s boarded 500 flights and flown nearly a million miles along the way, but is currently splitting her time between California and Cape Town, South Africa.

Topics: sustainable lifestyle tips, destinations for solo female travel, packing guides

3. Too Many Adapters

Too Many Adapters is a leading source of technology news, information, and resources for travelers of all kinds. Their team traverses the globe — smartphones and luggage in tow — so they can provide real-world accounts of the gear they use and the challenges they sometimes face. The reviews from Too Many Adapters are trustworthy, thorough, and easy to understand, making this a go-to site for anyone preparing to take on the world.

Topics: working effectively in airports, ultimate accessories for digital nomads, top picks for laptops, smartphones, tablets, and more

4. The Blog Abroad

Gloria Atanmo has really done it all: blogger, entrepreneur, author, speaker, business coach, and beyond. While she describes herself as ‘a girl who never desired to travel,’ times have definitely changed. She’s now a full-time nomad and very experienced traveler, having visited six continents and more than 70 countries in total. Among other things, The Blog Abroad offers readers incredible, thoughtful insights into exploring the world as a Black woman.

Topics: solo female travel, how to make money with your blog, travel during COVID-19

5. Shut Up and Go

Damon Dominique and Joanna Franco, the founders of Shut Up and Go, have traveled the world (both separately and together) for the last ten years. This duo knows there’s more to life than living out the status quo, which is why they’ve made it their mission to encourage others to see the places and do the things they’ve always dreamt about. Shut Up and Go sets itself apart through its inspirational stories told by diverse voices from all over the globe.

Topics: insights on remote work, 48-hour trip guides, moving stories from the nomad community

6. Cyncynti

Cynthia Corona’s travel addiction started when she was a young girl in Mexico, where she dreamt about exploring new places and meeting people from foreign cultures. As an adult, she’s cultivated an amazing career for herself as a freelance graphic designer, which has also provided her a chance to enjoy the digital nomad lifestyle. Her blog, Cyncynti, documents her life in Shanghai, as well as her love for photography and fashion.

Topics: destinations throughout Asia, tips to enhance your photography skills, travel diaries

7. Alajode

Jodie is a British blogger and digital creator with tons of stories and expertise to share. Her site, Alajode, is ‘a travel blog for conscious travelers,’ meaning its focus is not only on enjoying the planet, but on doing our part to protect it, as well. That’s why Jodie’s writing focuses on traveling responsibly, unique ecotourism destinations, and ethical wildlife encounters. Alajode will inspire you to step out of your comfort zone and have meaningful adventures anywhere in the world.

Topics: eco resorts and hotels, vegan travel tips, minimalist travel gear and clothing

8. Digital Nomad Girls

Digital Nomad Girls is the largest online community of location independent women. Their mission is to inspire, connect, and empower girls to build a lifestyle that gives them the freedom to travel and work wherever they want. Whether you’re an aspiring digital nomad who’s not sure where to get started, or you’re already exploring the world but want to meet like-minded women, DNG can introduce you to tons of other nomads so you can support each other on and offline. 

Topics: dealing with burnout, online job features, how to take time off when you’re a nomad

9. Minority Nomad

Erick Prince, founder of Minority Nomad, wants to be the first Black person to visit every country in the world (his current count is 95!). Prior to pursuing full-time travel, Erick served in the U.S. military for more than ten years. After leaving the military and returning to college, he decided to start a non-profit foundation for low-income youth, focused on better access to travel. Erick funds his globe-trotting lifestyle through his work in digital marketing, and is well on his way to achieving his goal and inspiring countless others in the process. 

Topics: dating abroad, what to look for with travel health insurance, lessons learned along the way

10. Packs Light

Gabby Beckford is a lifestyle entrepreneur who specializes in writing, marketing, and travel tips, and is the brains behind the Packs Light blog. She took her first solo trip to Iceland at 17-years-old, and since then, she’s never looked back. Having now visited 29 countries, Gabby hopes to continue encouraging others ‘to seek risk, seize the opportunity, and see the world.’ Packs Light is a source of inspiration, entertainment, and empowerment for all its readers.

Topics: advice for Gen Z nomads, Black travel, budget travel hacks and how-tos

11. Hobo with a Laptop

Hobo with a Laptop is an amazing resource for anyone who’s interested in how to make money online from anywhere in the world. Readers can leverage Mike and Oshin’s experience to get on the fast track toward working and traveling full-time as a digital nomad. Their primary objective is to motivate others to pick up a passport, get a remote job or create a passive income, and explore without the worry of financial constraints.

Topics: how and where to apply for remote jobs, international banking, living well under $1,500

12. Expert Vagabond

Matt Karsten (aka Expert Vagabond) is an adventure travel blogger, photographer, and digital nomad who’s been roaming the world for more than ten years. His blog is home to entertaining stories and YouTube videos, inspiring photography, budget travel tips, advice on nomadic living, and much more. Matt’s mission is to show others ‘how to travel the world, to seek experiences over possessions, and to stay open to new possibilities.’ 

Topics: where to find the best travel jobs, advice for new travelers, how to save money on flights

13. Girl Gone Abroad 

With 51 countries under her belt in the last five years, it’s safe to say Lauren Carey has some serious insight into international travel. Girl Gone Abroad documents everything she’s learned while visiting Central and South America, Africa, and much of Europe, where she continues to travel and work remotely. Lauren hopes her stories, photos, and itineraries will inspire others to see the world in a new light, and to explore it for themselves.

Topics: Instagram-worthy spots in different cities, Airbnb recommendations, travel essentials

14. Stingy Nomads

Campbell and Alya are a full-time travel couple who describe themselves as permanent nomads. Their blog, Stingy Nomads, chronicles their adventures across 64 countries and shows readers how world travel doesn’t have to be expensive or out of your reach. They want Stingy Nomads to be a valuable resource fellow travelers can trust, which is why they only share about places and activities they’ve personally experienced and can recommend. 

Topics: what to bring in your backpack, hiking and diving guides, traveling on a tight budget

15. Hey Ciara

Ciara fell in love with travel thanks to her study abroad program in Panama, where she had the opportunity to teach accounting concepts to indigenous communities. Since graduating college, Ciara has continued to make traveling a priority (both locally and globally), and recently left her corporate job to pursue travel full-time. Her self-titled blog, Hey Ciara, is where she shares her passion for adventure and inspires others to pursue their own.

Topics: reasons to travel solo, advice on travel insurance, packing for all kinds of weather

16. Out of Office Gal

Lauren’s blog, Out of Office Gal, is nothing short of a dream board, and proof of just how much travel can change your life. Growing up in Austin, Texas, Lauren dreamed of far off places, and eventually began traveling solo and experiencing the joy of doing things on her own terms. In early 2019, she fully adopted the digital nomad lifestyle, and is now self-employed working in branded content and social media marketing and loving every minute!

Topics: seasoned advice on traveling with a full-time job, limited budget, or no one to go with

17. Runaway Juno

Juno Kim left her job as a mechanical engineer in Seoul, South Korea back in 2011, and since then she’s traveled to more than 50 countries as a digital nomad. While the decision to venture out was certainly a difficult one, traveling has given Juno ‘the strongest affirmation that the world is a better place than we see on the news.’ Runaway Juno is full of amazing stories from her time in Machu Picchu, Namibia’s desert, the Mountain Kingdom of Bhutan, and much more.

Topics: digital nomad guides to foreign cities, staying healthy while traveling, bucket living

18. O.Christine

Olivia Christine is an Afro-Latina traveler who covers a wide range of topics on her blog, O.Christine. Her perspective on what it’s like to explore the globe with a chronic illness is incredibly inspiring, and her actionable advice for merging wellness practices with overseas adventures is something anyone can learn from. In Olivia’s words, “As a Bronx-born Latina (with lupus and a formerly overworked career), I know what it feels like to burn out and wish for an escape. But I found joy and whole-body wellness in exploration, and so can you!”

Topics: where to find the best flight deals, destinations you can’t miss, wellness travel

19. Very Hungry Nomads

Rach and Marty, the female-duo behind Very Hungry Nomads, are on an incredible journey to visit every country in the world. These friends met in Europe back in 2008, and since then, they’ve visited 186 countries recognized by the UN — which means they only have nine nations remaining on their epic worldwide trip! Their goal in traveling and documenting their time is to show everyone that women can do extraordinary things, and that the world is a much safer, more welcoming place than most of us are led to believe. 

Topics: jobs you can work abroad, how to transfer money internationally, ultimate packing list 

20. Tomas Laurinavicius

Tomas may be from Lithuania, but he is very much a citizen of the world, having traveled to 50 different countries in just a few years’ time. He’s created a personal development blog full of insights into lifestyle design and creative fulfillment, as well as reading lists, life lessons, and thought-provoking questions. To support his nomadic lifestyle, Tomas works as a marketing consultant and freelance writer. He also enjoys using his free-time to read interesting blogs and help fellow nomads become the best versions of themselves.

Topics: banking for freelancers, goal tracking apps, how to make a living as a digital creator

21. BoundlessRoads

Isabella, from BoundlessRoads, ditched her fancy corporate job in 2017 just for the sake of traveling, without a real plan, only savings. It was a crazy thing to do at 45, but it was the only thing she could do at that time, to find freedom or die in her cubicle. And freedom she found. After 3 years of adventures through Mexico, Ecuador, Guatemala and Peru, while hustling from her laptop, she found her place in this world and she’s living the dream, a life on the road, owner of her own time and decisions, a solid business, and many more dreams and projects. On BoundlessRoads, she aims to inspire other women of all ages to live their best lives on the road and she helps aspiring digital nomads to follow their dreams of working from a laptop while exploring the world. It’s a big ongoing project that aims to provide all the necessary resources and tools to help those who want to embrace this nomadic life. She believes it’s our duty to be happy, and then to inspire others to do the same. And that’s what Boundless Roads is about.

Topics: solo female travel guides and inspirations, best places to stay and things to do on and off the beaten path, nomadic life resources


A digital nomad’s blog is a beautiful collection of inspiring and resourceful information, whether they’re detailing their peaks, valleys, how-to's, or helpful hints. Hopefully these blogs have shown you that you, too, can fearlessly chase your passions and have the freedom to work from anywhere in the world!


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