10 Best Luggage and Suitcase Brands of 2020

Travel can be one of the most rewarding experiences. Whether you’re traveling alone or with a loved one, the right suitcase can make or break a trip of any length. Choosing the best luggage for your needs means having space, organization, and durability to handle a trip of any length and terrain. 

Unfortunately, if you’re not careful, you can be distracted by the looks and designs of vibrant and trendy suitcases that can break the first time you try to fit it into an overhead bin. There is nothing more sustainable than buying a quality item that is built to last and taking care of it to ensure it’s lifespan.

Here are 10 of the best luggage and suitcase brands of 2020 that are built to last a lifetime.

10 Best Luggage and Suitcase Brands 2020


1. Best overall luggage brand for 2020: Away

Away rocked the travel industry with its sleek look, elegant color collection, and creative use of marketing to skyrocket to the most beloved suitcase of 2020. Customers love how lightweight the products are and the simplicity of the design. This luggage comes with a lifetime warranty and custom personalization, which only compliments the durable build and ease of movement. These suitcases run from $225 and up depending on size.

The Sustainable Bonus: They collect their own polycarbonate scraps to reuse in production and the company itself often partners and collaborates with organizations like Charity: Water and Peace Direct to engage with and support their communities.


2. Best luggage brand for budget travelers: Amazon Basics

Breaking into the luggage market, Amazon has created its own line of suitcases that are budget-friendly and durable. AmazonBasics offers both hardside and softside suitcases with a three-year warranty starting at the $49.99 price mark. Travelers appreciate the smoothness of the wheels, price point, and color choices of this luggage.


3. Best luggage brand for frequent travelers: Eagle Creek

If you’re a serial traveler, you’ve probably heard of Eagle Creek’s packing accessories, like packing cubes and travel backpacks. Their luggage line is equally as impressive and functional as their accessories. The result? A strategic and efficient way to pack for a trip of any length with a price mark starting at $79. Frequent travelers love the brand’s practicality and weather-proof nature of the bags. The brand itself is dedicated to sustainability and offers a No Matter What Warranty where they will repair any bag you send in to keep you from creating waste.


4. Best luggage brand for durability: Briggs & Riley

Briggs & Riley’s Simple As That Lifetime Guarantee is one of the many reasons why this brand continues to be a contender for being the best. Their products are made to be durable and long-lasting, so much so that the company will repair or replace any bag that might have been damaged during travel. This has created a cult-like following for their luggage, but also earned a great deal of their customers’ trust for the brand and products. This also earns the brand sustainability points, as this prevents the overproduction and purchasing of products. Their luggage pricing starts at around $199, making it on the higher end of pricing, but you’re really paying for that lifetime warranty and durability.


5. Best luggage brand for luxury: Rimowa

For 120 years, Rimowa has been a leading luxury luggage brand that made it’s name by designing the first aluminum suitcase. They now specialize in extremely durable high-tech polycarbonate suitcases that range from $540 - $1,920 depending on the model. Customers note the network of stores and hotels that offer repair services for these suitcases, creating an on-demand network for when the unexpected happens. Their suitcases are built for longevity and the brand focusses on how to make them last longer by being stronger.


6. Best luggage brand for sustainability: Patagonia

Patagonia has made a name for itself as a sustainable powerhouse. Whether you’re camping, backpacking, or in need of a rolling suitcase, Patagonia has a bag to suit your needs with travel-sized bags starting at $129. The Certified B Corporation Black Hole line is made from 100% recycled fabric (mostly from plastic water bottles) and their other luggage lines are equally sustainable. Customers boast about the comfort of the travel backpacks and functionality of the pockets.


7. Best luggage brand for frequent flyers: TravelPro

Founded by an airline pilot, frequent flying is exactly what inspired the creation of this brand, and its products deliver! Each suitcase undergoes an extensive durability test before being sold to make sure the product can handle the stress of travel. TravelPro users appreciate the variety of the types of bags this brand offers and others note the long life span of the bags themselves. With a small carry on starting at $59.99, there is sure to be a bag that fits your needs and budget.


8. Best luggage brand for the price: Chester

This up-and-coming luggage brand has rendered itself quite the competitor when it comes to a sleek and Instagram-worthy look matched with an affordable price. It’s Minima Carry On model has become a best seller at $185 and reviewers note that it’s lightweight and can take a beating during travel. They recently released a larger size and will continue to release new models as the new company grows. 


9. Best luggage brand for sets: Calpak

Family owned and operated Calpak is most known for its marble luggage design, when in fact, they have a few signature looks. Their sets range from bags as small as matching hat boxes and vanity cases to large checked suitcases. Travelers love the internal pockets and compartments that allow you to stay organized on trips. Individual suitcases start around $160, but you can grab a set starting at $325.


10. Best luggage brand for hardside: Samsonite

Another powerhouse name in luggage, Samsonite has perfected their hardside luggage lines to ensure the best quality and lifetime, with some styles starting at $99. Customers appreciate that they offer different hardsided sizes and designs to suit your style, all maintaining the Samsonite integrity and durability. Samsonite is dedicated to environmental and social initiatives, building their suitcases to last, using more recycled materials, and giving back to their employees and communities. 

Wrapping Up

When it all comes down to it, your suitcase is going to travel with you everywhere. Do your research, set a budget, look at warranties, and understand what your needs and wants are in a suitcase before you purchase. Just remember, to be sustainable, it is important to take care of your suitcase like you would anything else. The more TLC you give it, the longer it will last!

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