10 Best Coworking Centers Across the Globe

10 Best Coworking Centers Across the Globe

When you’ve been working as a digital nomad for a while, you may start to feel a bit isolated or unmotivated if you’re setting up shop from your hotel or hostel, Airbnb accommodation, or even local cafes. That’s why many location-independent professionals are spending their time in shared workspaces, where community and productivity come together under one roof.

Why Use a Coworking Center?

In 2019, there were nearly 19,000 coworking spaces (with more than 3 million co-workers) worldwide, and those statistics are only expected to scale-up as more and more companies and individuals trade traditional offices for coworking environments. So why are such a staggering number of people making the move to coworking centers, and what benefits can you expect if you make this shift for yourself?

Reliable Wifi

Having access to reliable Wifi is key to meeting your deadlines and meeting with your team. If you don’t have access to a steady internet connection, you’re less likely to get your work done on time, and could run into challenges when you need to log on to important conference calls. There’s really no way around the fact that working remotely requires daily Wifi use, and coworking centers are able to provide this resource much better than a neighborhood coffee shop or your less-equipped living arrangement.

Socializing and Networking

Coworking centers provide ample opportunities to interact with others, which reduces feelings of loneliness and creates a happier overall experience. While each space is likely to have its own unique atmosphere and design elements, they’ll all have a welcoming and collaborative nature, leading to increased socializing and lifted spirits while at work. What’s more, joining a coworking center is a wonderful way to expand your professional network and explore various business ventures you otherwise wouldn’t have had access to.

Productive Atmosphere

Spending time in a coworking hub is a great way to boost motivation and learn new skills, since you’re surrounded by so many talented and successful workers. When you see others putting in the effort and energy to chase their dreams, it can really inspire you to do the same. In addition to the tools and resources coworking centers have available to encourage productivity, your fellow members can also play a part in sparking your creativity and helping you achieve goals you didn’t think possible.

10 Best Coworking Centers Across the Globe

1. B.Amsterdam

Formerly used as IBM’s headquarters, B. Amsterdam is now one of the coolest co-working spaces in the world. Their huge building has everything a digital nomad might need (and then some), from a flex or fixed desk membership, to a community gym, to a rooftop restaurant, to a cozy coffee lounge with locally-sourced beans. The details and thoughtful touches throughout B.Amsterdam are definitely a must-see if you’re planning to work and play in the Netherlands.

Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands

Price: from EUR 75 for 5 days per month or EUR 175/month

2. Punspace

Chiang Mai has been a famous digital nomad destination for years, and the accessibility of Punspace likely has something to do with that. One of the best perks of Punspace is you can actually switch between both of their coworking locations with a single membership. Punspace Nimman is great if you want to stay close to popular coffee shops and restaurants, while the Tha Phae Gate location is situated in the old city near some incredible cultural landmarks.

Location: Chiang Mai, Thailand

Price: from THB 289/day or THB 3,899/month

3. Crew Collective

Simply put, Montréal’s Crew Collective is a gorgeous place to do some work. Located in an Old Royal bank building and decorated with bronze, marble, and stunning chandeliers, this 12,000 square-foot space is easily one of the most impressive places on our list. The core concept is centered around a cafe (open seven days a week), that offers plenty of open seating, outlets, and of course, coffee. Plus, they have individual desk or membership options, if you need ‘em!

Location: Montréal, Canada

Price: café is free to use, member area from CAD 20/day or CAD 100/month

4. Patchwork

Patchwork’s coworking spaces each boast an incredible (and incredibly memorably) aesthetic -- not too surprising, seeing as they’re located in one of the most beautiful cities in the world. With three buildings in three different parts of Paris, there are ample design details to get excited over (think brightly-colored furniture, floor-to-ceiling glass walls, 19th century mansion vibes, and more). Patchwork’s locations can accommodate 50 to 200 professionals on any given day, and they offer a variety of events, workshops, and after-work meetups for members to enjoy. 

Location: Paris, France

Price: from EUR 390/month

5. Soho Works

Thanks to its prime location in Shoreditch, London, Soho Works attracts countless freelancers and digital nomads from all over the world. The interior of the building is a welcome mix of vintage and modern furnishings, while the large windows create an open feel and offer tons of natural light. This coworking center is actually an offshoot Soho House, another well-loved community space in London. The difference is, Soho Works is professionally-focused, with 24/7 access to its members, an all-day cafe and bar, break out spaces, rooftop terrace, and more.

Location: London, Great Britain

Price: from GBP 40/day or GBP 400/month

6. La Maquinita Co. 

As one of the most sought after coworking centers in Buenos Aires, La Maquinita has already opened six different locations around the city. With a range of options from flex or full membership to private or corporate offices, this space can accommodate the needs of professionals across the board. La Maquinita’s Palermo Hollywood property is located in a converted warehouse space, and organizes weekly events so you can socialize with fellow workers and get to know the most bustling neighborhood in town like a local.

Location: Buenos Aires, Argentina

Price: from AR 3500/month 

7. Cape Town Office

Conveniently located in the East City precinct, Cape Town Office is a two-story studio utilized by a range of freelancers, nomads, start-ups, and small businesses alike. This spacious environment is surrounded by numerous shops, bars, and restaurants unique to this trendy area of Cape Town, giving you plenty of choices for where to meet with clients or socialize with other workers. Cape Town Office was founded on the idea that ‘community is better than isolation,’ a philosophy that shines through its warm and collaborative atmosphere.

Location: Cape Town, South Africa

Price: from ZAR 900 for 50 hours per month

8. Dojo 

One of the most popular coworking spaces anywhere in the world is Bali’s Dojo. Just a minute’s walk to the beach and surrounded by beautiful, lush gardens, Dojo is a breathtaking and inspiring space for all types of remote workers. Since internet access can get a bit tricky in Bali, Dojo uses five different internet providers to ensure there’s always a strong connection in the workspace. And with the opportunity to join in on think-tanks, workshops, networking events, and more, it’s not hard to see why this tropical location has become so beloved. 

Location: Canggu, Indonesia

Price: from IDR 220,000/day or IDR 2,900,000/month

9. Betahaus

While Betahaus has several coworking centers around the world, one of their most frequented buildings is located in Barcelona. This space boasts an impressive six floors, with ample amenities including a café, terrace, classroom space, Skype booths, and even a siesta club. Every week, Betahaus hosts close to 50 in-house events to support community development and to foster collaboration among various industries. If you’re looking for a place to get your creative juices flowing (with a gorgeous view of Barcelona to boot), Betahaus is it!

Locations: Barcelona, Spain; Berlin, Germany; Hamburg, Germany; Sofia, Bulgaria

Price: from EUR 99/month, discounted when signing up for more than 3 months

10. The Wing

The Wing is a women-focused coworking club with offices in eleven cities across the U.S. and around the world. Their entire purpose is to build a network of women through community and to create opportunities for everyone, collectively. The interior of their New York City location is a lovely shade of blush, and offers amazing amenities like showers, a beauty room, a library, and a lactation room for the ultimate in comfort and convenience. Founded just four years ago, The Wing already has around 10,000 members worldwide -- and growing!

Locations: New York; San Francisco; Chicago; Los Angeles; Boston; London...and more

Price: from $215/month or $250/month for access to all locations


Coworking centers aren’t just trendy buildings near the ocean, countryside, or city center; they’re truly a home for creatives to gather together to innovate ideas, launch campaigns, and even start all-new companies. Joining a coworking space, no matter where you are in the world, is an amazing opportunity for your personal and professional growth, and an investment you’re not likely to regret!

Common FAQs About Coworking Centers

Which coworking space is best?

This of course depends on a multitude of factors - namely, where you're based and what coworking features matter to you the most. WeWork tends to be one of the more popular options if you're based in the U.S. However, if you find yourself abroad, Dojo in Bali, Crew Collective in Montréal, and Patchwork in France are some of the most popular coworking spaces amongst digital nomads.

How much do coworking spaces cost?

Pricing for coworking spaces varies depending on location and the type of space you are renting (e.g. "hot desk" vs. dedicated office space). You can expect to pay anywhere from USD $100/month all the way to $3,000+/month.

Who are the leading players in the coworking space?

ImpactHub, WeWork, and Industrious are some of the biggest players in the industry. However, with more and more businesses transitioning to remote work post-covid, smaller and more localized coworking spaces are popping up around most cities. 




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